Tapping into Moon Wisdom & Healing Energy to Create Something New!

The Full Moon is often a time of heightened sensitivity that can be harnessed to effect change and transformation. Traditionally, the Full Moon has been known to provide opportunities for release and manifestation, as well as cultivate self-knowledge. When we take the time to reflect about our life experiences and desires around the time of the full moon, we can make room for changes to happen. When we consciously let go of what’s been blocking or holding us back, we can then begin the process of inviting something new in our life. The Beaver Moon has a lot to offer in terms of manifesting wisdom and its aspects are being explored in this course to assist us on our journey to creating a fulfilling life. What is amazing is that the practices offered here can be used during any full moon or even at times other than the full moon, all that is required is a desire to create change!

What is this course about

This course combines various practices that include specific energy centers in the body, breath, meditation, affirmations, personal reflection, Reiki healing energy, clear intentions, and simple rituals that come together to activate powerful energies that will support you in making the changes you wish to make and help you manifest your heart's desires. The guided practices offered here can support you as well in healing wounds of the past that may be blocking your ability to manifest what you've been wishing for. It's time to move forward in a new way!


Course curriculum

  • 1


    • How it all started...

  • 2

    Activating Earth, Heart, and Heaven energies

    • Background information for a lovely Reiki Meditation practice!

    • Handout: Earth, Heart, and Heaven Reiki Breath Meditation

    • With Music: Earth, Heart, and Heaven Reiki Breath Meditation

    • No Music: Earth, Heart, and Heaven Reiki Breath Meditation

  • 3

    Personal Reflection Worksheets

    • Preparing to manifest and let go...

    • Handout: Manifesting and Letting Go Preparation Worksheets

  • 4

    Guided Reiki Healing Journey

    • It's Reiki healing time!

    • With Music: Self-Reiki for Manifesting and Letting Go

    • No Music: Self-Reiki for Manifesting and Letting Go

  • 5

    Letting Go Ritual

    • It's time to let go!

    • My Letting Go Sheet

    • Letting Go Ritual

  • 6

    Manifestation Ritual

    • It's time to manifest!

    • Manifestation Ritual

    • Thank you!