Discover the natural currents that can transform your life!

Often elusively mentioned in ancient yogic texts, the Vayus have confounded and mystified many yoga practitioners and teachers. They are often described as energetic winds that naturally move through certain areas of the body to support various functions. The Vayus connect the physical body to the energy body, and help circulate vibrant life force energy through them.

Once consciously activated, the Vayus can assist us in many ways, including:

Boosting every system in the body; helping us feel more vibrant and present for our life; bringing forth a calmer mind, and a greater sense of balance and inner harmony; assisting with the healing and clearing of blockages, and restoring proper energy flow; enhancing physical alignment where needed in the body as well as physical health and emotional well-being; better sleep. And so much more!

What you will learn in this series:

You will find out about the internal and external Vayus and experience various ways to activate them with breathing practices, yoga postures, hand mudras, and guided meditation. The combined practices in each class will allow a clear and sustained activation of these inner winds and enhance their energetic and physical effects. Handouts will be provided, as well as downloadable recorded meditations and breathing practices. Consciously working with the Vayus can bring forth important shifts at many levels of your being, sometimes quite surprisingly in areas that you did not expect… You will open up to the mystery and flow of the Vayus, and solidify the connection you have with yourself and with life!

Testimonials from Participants

“This series helped remind me of how much our breath is connected to our body, mind, and emotional health and wellbeing (…). The impact of learning about and practicing the Vayus has been a very positive shift in the way I can be in charge of creating the balance I need in my life. It has provided me with the tools to use when I am feeling anxious, depressed, over emotional or lack energy (…). I have chronic pain and tension in my neck from previous injuries so I found the Udana Vayu really helped release the tension I hold in my neck, jaw, and shoulders. Practicing this breath brought a calm feeling and helped me release tension.” Teresa Rogers, Oct 2022
“I am grateful that week 1 (when I was busy) was also online. I appreciated the videos being available online to review after classes. I like the handouts to keep and refer to. I liked the weekly review from previous week (…). I plan to incorporate some more breathwork during my daily flow. Since breathwork is challenging for me, I want to continue to find comfort in the practice.” Louise, Oct 2022
“I love the breathing/mind/body connections. It really made me have a whole new loved appreciation for how beneficial yoga is for me. I feel like I can use these lessons in so many areas of my life. I am feeling more in control during day to day life; better sleep; more patient; more activity and effective – getting organized, getting things done, less tired during the afternoon dip. I plan on using the tools learned to feel more grounded, to change mood, to address my issues (ex. needing focus, disconnection, sadness) and having the ability to treat, alleviate or change them (…). I loved the last class!!! I feel sorry for the people who missed it. It was awesome. The sequences were incredibly helpful. It’s amazing knowing nothing to the final effects of the last class.” A Fall Series Class Participant, Oct 2022
“I have been using the Apana Mudra every day. It has brought me calmness and stress reduction. I also found that the Apana Vayu breathing practice has helped decrease cramping and discomfort during my menstrual cycle.” A Fall Series Class Participant, Oct 2022


Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to this Yoga Series

    • Beginning a great new journey!

  • 2

    Week 1 - What are the Vayus? Apana and Naga Vayus

    • Learning about the Apana and Naga Vayus

    • Week 1: Introduction to the Vayus; Apana & Naga Vayus

    • Apana Grounding Breath

    • Apana Mudra Purifying Meditation

    • Week 1 Handout for the Apana and Naga Vayus

  • 3

    Week 2 - Samana and Kurma Vayus

    • Learning about the Samana and Kurma Vayus

    • Week 2: Exploring the Samana and Kurma Vayus

    • Samana Balancing Breath

    • Matangi Mudra Meditation: Golden Samana Vayu

    • Week 2 Handout for the Samana and Kurma Vayus

  • 4

    Week 3 - Prana and Krikara Vayus

    • Learning about the Prana and Krikara Vayus

    • Week 3: Exploring the Prana and the Krukara Vayus

    • Prana Empowering and Harmonizing Breath

    • Prana Mudra Meditation for Enthusiasm and Vitality

    • Week 3 Handout for the Prana and Krikara Vayus

  • 5

    Week 4 - Udana and Devadatta Vayus

    • Learning about the Udana and Devadatta Vayus

    • Exploring the Udana and Devadatta Vayus

    • Udana Neck Releasing Breath

    • Linga Mudra Meditation for Clarity

    • Week 4 Handout for the Udana and Devadatta Vayus

  • 6

    Week 5 - Vyana and Dhananjaya Vayus

    • Learning about the Vyana and Dhananjaya Vayus

    • Exploring the Vyana and Dhananjaya Vayus

    • Vyana Expansive Breath

    • All-Pervading Vyana Energy Meditation

    • Week 5 Handout for the Vyana and Dhananjaya Vayus

  • 7

    Week 6 - Practicing with All the Vayus!

    • Bringing it all together

    • Exploring all 10 Vayus together on the mat!

    • The 5 Inner Vayus Breath

    • The Journey of Unity Meditation

    • Week 6 handout - Practicing with all the Vayus

    • Final Words